What we hope for

Our greatest and overarching hope within the gospel partnership is that God would be glorified as we work, worship and witness together. We hope and pray that as Jesus is lifted high in our individual churches as well as our corporate endeavours that people would be drawn to him to receive life.

On a more tangible level we hope that our partnership will:

  • We hope that our partnership will be a powerful witness to the watching world of the incredible power of the gospel to unify individuals and churches. The incredibly diverse range of churches gathered together into this gospel partnership bucks the trend of what people generally see of churches fragmenting and splitting apart from each other.
  • We hope that our partnership will result in the flourishing of the East of Scotland. That as churches are strengthened, equipped, envisioned and multiplied that they will make a dynamic difference for the Lord Jesus in their particular locations and across the region.
  • We hope our partnership is a catalyst for the raising up and equipping of many new church leaders who in their ministries will train the hundreds to reach the thousands with the gospel in this dark and dwindling nation.
  • We hope that our partnership will help see new churches planted in areas where there is no vibrant gospel witness. That these churches will proclaim the name of Jesus where he is not known.
  • We hope that our partnership will be a real hub of sharing and generosity. A place where churches facing different challenges can have a forum to glean the wisdom of others and get help when and where it is available.
  • We hope that our partnership will be a real encouragement to all the churches and their individual members in seeing that God does indeed have many people in the city of Edinburgh and the surrounding area.

We as a partnership have many hopes and our prayer is that God might be pleased to accomplish much in and through our partnership together.