How to get involved

There are lots of different ways that you can be involved in church planting. The needs are massive and the opportunities are plentiful.

Here are a few ways you might consider:

Praying: Church planting is frontline gospel ministry and without much prayer these endeavours will never take root or bear fruit. All the church plants have regular prayer letters and updates. A great first step is to get hold of this information and be faithful in praying for the church planters, teams, communities and ongoing work.

Going: Church plants are always on the look out for the right people to join their team. People who are mission minded, gospel focussed and ambitious to see communities transformed by the gospel. If you think you could be a blessing to one of these church plants then it is definitely worth making contact and at least exploring possibilities.

Giving: Church planting is also an expensive endeavour. Church plants are always living by faith and trusting that God will supply. Perhaps you might be a conduit of this provision and might think about using some of the prosperity God has blessed you with to further this work.

Training: The greatest limitation to church planting in the East of Scotland is the number of people equipped to lead new churches. Therefore a great question to ask is, 'Has God gifted me and is he calling me to be a church planter?' There are lots of church planting experts in the Partnership connected to a wide range of different networks, Acts 29, City to City and 20 Schemes to name but some.