Thinking about Training....

Training for gospel ministry is a big step and a community project. It involves a rich mix of gifting, sacrifice, support and opportunity. It needs to be thought through, worked through, talked out and agreed upon.

Trevor Archer and Paul Mallard (in their book The Call), identify 12 marks to look for in identifying candidates for ministerial training:

  1. A Christian
  2. A Love for Jesus
  3. A Love for God's Word
  4. A Love for God's People
  5. A Love for the Lost
  6. A Desire to Serve
  7. A Maturing Character
  8. A Stability in Relationships
  9. A Teachable Spirit
  10. A Giftedness for the Task
  11. An Evidence of God's Blessing
  12. Grace, Grit and Gumption

Working through this process in community with the input of mature Christians and church leadership teams is invaluable. To be prayerfully and honestly working through these decisions within a church family is a great blessing and greatly confirming.