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From there to here...

We are so grateful for what God has been doing among us here in Wallyford. In the year 2000, the trustees of the old Wallyford Mission closed the doors on Sunday evenings and prayed for what to do in the future; to find out whether God had finished with Wallyford, and to sell the building and give the money to world missions. As they prayed over the next few years they were convinced that God had more to do, and so they approached Carrubbers Christian Centre, which had been thinking about planting, and, well, here we are now, in 2016, an independent church, and continually working on how to reach our community.

We meet in the Wallyford Miners Welfare and Social Club, or as we in Wallyford call it, ‘the Club’, which is a clean and maintained building at the heart of this ex-mining village and have grown to a congregation of just under 100 people, most from Wallyford of course, but we have also become almost exclusively an East Lothian church. This has given us a vision for the rest of our county, and we are already praying for where a team can go next, as we look at other villages and towns with dwindling congregations, and growing populations. Another church in another East Lothian town has approached us to help, and we have a ‘missionary pastor’ in training, funding to be able to lead out the next church plant/refresh.

Decisions decisions…

Our village is set to triple in size over the next 10 years with the building of a new Primary school for over 1000 pupils, and a new Secondary school with a similar role, and the building of nearly 2000 homes. Although we meet in ‘the Club’ at the moment, we have been offered to use the new Primary School to meet in, since it is to be a community school open at the weekends. We praise God that our local headteacher is very supportive of the work that we do in the community and for the school.

However, we have approached the developers who are currently doing ground work in preparation for building if we could meet and discuss a new ‘home’ for us.

Please pray for us.

  1. For our ‘Missionary Pastor’ in training who is one of our elders. Pray for his funding to allow him to move forward.
  2. For our current investigations into using the Primary School instead of ‘the Club’ (which is a pub of course) or whether to build ourselves.
  3. For a missionary minded congregation who loves the lost, and for fruit, lasting fruit.

God has NOT finished with Wallyford.

Published on October 11, 2016 by Admin