in This City 2017 - GroundBreaking

"breaking through in church planting"

The Gospel Partnership's annual conference this year is focused on breaking new ground in pursuit of God's mission - seeing our churches become more missionally active, moving further and faster in church planting. We'll be spending a day together in Charlotte Chapel's new building right in the centre of Edinburgh with Richard Coekin, leader of the Co-Mission church planting network. He will help and challenge all of us to follow God's call into mission, and show us how church planting can be a part of this - even for ordinary churches.

The conference is on Saturday 4th March from 10am to 4pm, and is designed not just for leaders but for every Christian wanting to help see God's Kingdom advance in their city, town, or area. Tickets are £7 until the 13th February at which point they rise to £10 each and are available here:

We really hope that you can join us on the day and take advantage of this opportunity.

Richard Coekin

Richard Coekin is Director of Co-Mission (a church planting movement in London) and Senior Pastor of Dundonald Church in Wimbledon. He is married to Sian and they have 5 children. Richard has been involved in launching numerous churches and other ministries, such as the London Mens’ and Womens’ Conventions, the 9:38 Apprenticeship Scheme and the Passion for Life mission. He is also involved in a Bible ministry to Members of Parliament in Westminster and is the author of several books including Our Father, Ephesians for You and, soon to be released, Gospel DNA

A little more detail

  • We'll spend the day together in Charlotte Chapel's new building on Shandwick Place (directions). Registration starts at 9:30. Our main proceedings run from 10am through to 4pm.
  • We'll have three main sessions with Richard, looking closely at how we see church planting come about in Ephesus, hearing and learning from how Richard has pursued church planting in London, and then exploring together how we can see church planting advance right here in Scotland.
  • During the day there'll also be time for sung worship and prayer together, seminars focused in on different phases of the process of planting ranging from the earliest days of considering the idea through to persevering in a plant when life gets tough - and lots and lots of time for connecting, asking questions, and discussing ideas together.
  • Tea and coffee will be regular parts of the day and we're going to send you out into the city to find your own lunch - what's not to like when there's virtually every cuisine you can imagine within walking distance! We're hoping to also be able to provide every attendee with a helpful book on planting to take home.

Book now:

Any questions? Email [email protected]

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