Current Church Plants

Cornerstone, Morningside

Cornerstone began as a missional community from St Columba’s Free Church. About a dozen people living in Morningside and Bruntsfield started to discuss what it would be like to plant a church in their local area. Between 2012 and 2014 the group spent a lot of time eating food, making friends, praying and thinking about church. In late 2013 the group had grown to around 30 people who met in a flat in Bruntsfield. As they started looking for a larger venue they were unexpectedly and generously gifted a building right in the heart of Morningside, the Old Schoolhouse.

The new church launched publicly in September 2014. Since then the church has grown slowly but steadily. From the beginning Cornerstone was intended to be a church for people who don’t go to church. Our church life is focused on building community and communicating the gospel. We keep our church life simple, prioritising people over programmes. We have worked hard to make our church a safe and welcoming place for those who are not Christians but are exploring spiritual questions or simply like hanging out with us.

Esk Valley Community Church

Recently, the core group of Esk Valley made the transition from being a home group to having morning worship services. The aim of this was twofold: to allow the core to worship together and get used to what it would take to run a service. And secondly, to allow people in the community who are interested to come, meet us, and see how or if they should be involved.

That process has been encouraging. We’ve had a good number of folk coming, and so we are now working towards a public launch in September. We have a venue which serves our purposes well at present (the Mining Museum in Newtongrange).

As well as the Sunday mornings we are running a midweek prayer and study time, and also a ladies study on alternate Thursday mornings. This is as much as we need to do at the moment. Our focus on things like outreach is primarily relational just now, and we are trying to focus on building relationships with each other as well. A next step will be looking at more tangible aspects of serving and witnessing.

You can pray for all these things. But you may also be able to support us as we launch in September. We have a good array of gifts among our core group, but there are a couple of areas where having a few extra volunteers would be really helpful for that first month. So, if you could spare a few Sunday mornings to supplement our crèche work, or to take a turn leading the worship on guitar that would be great. And of course, if you’d like to come and just help generally by being there and worshipping with us, we’d love to see you.

Grace Church, Leith

Leith, north Edinburgh, is an area full of character and life. It is densely populated and diverse culturally, socially, economically and spiritually. An estimated 2% of people in Leith attend church regularly. Grace Church Leith launched in September 2011 with a vision to share the gospel with the people of Leith. Building relationships in the local community, we seek to include our friends and neighbours alongside our Christian community in our daily lives, that they might see and hear the hope of the gospel, and respond to it.

Please join us in praying for the Lord’s continued work in our lives and in the lives of people in Leith. Pray for gospel-centred relationships to continue to develop across the church. Praise God for the growth of the church, and pray for His guidance and provision as we are now close to capacity in the building we rent on Sundays.