Why Plant?

With less than 5% of people in Scotland attending church regularly it was clear that the challenge was huge.

When we study the New Testament it is clear that the early church grew and multiplied against the odds through church planting. God’s mission to the nations has church planting at its heart. Starting new churches was at the heart of the process of making disciples in the and church planting was a normal part of New Testament church life.

For those of us in the EOSGP it was clear that church planting was the best option for us to meet the challenge of mission in the East of Scotland. Planting churches is widely recognised as one of the most effective ways of connecting the gospel with new people, new generations, new cultures and new communities. It is also one of the best ways to fund evangelism as many church plants in time become able to contribute financially to the overall mission of the church. And church planting has tremendous potential to grow exponentially as we plant churches that plant churches. In those places across the globe where Christianity is growing church planting is at the heart of the action.

Our dream is to see a vibrant, gospel centred church for every community in Scotland. We want to plant churches for all kinds of people in all kinds of places. We want to see churches planted in the poorest parts of our city but also in the leafier neighbourhoods. We have begun slowly – planting several new churches over the last few years. As the Partnership grows and more church plants are launched the potential to see dozens of new churches planted becomes more and more a realistic vision.