Why Training?

Training is a focus area for the Gospel Partnership because it is one of the key building blocks required to advance our goal: increasing the number of gospel churches. New churches need new leaders and new leaders need to be trained – trained so they correctly handle the word of truth (2 Timothy 5:15); trained so they serve by shepherding God’s flock under their care (1 Peter 5:2); trained so they lead their church into effective mission in obedience to Jesus’ command (Matthew 28:19-20).

We believe there is significant opportunity for productive collaboration in publicising, connecting and enhancing the training offerings and pathways available in our region - we can achieve more working in partnership than alone. We want to encourage more people to seriously consider training, to see more people who want to train have the opportunity to do it, to see more of the training delivered be world-class and yet carefully shaped for the various needs of our region, and ultimately to see more trained workers sent out – because the fields are ready for harvest.

There are many options for training in Scotland – to highlight just a few:

  • Several churches offer ministry apprenticeships and internships. These provide a first exploratory step for those considering leadership which incorporates ministry experience, practical service and foundational training ranging from just a few weeks to two years.
  • A number of churches now also offer a medium term ministry training position as a next step (pastor in training), enabling candidates to pursue formal theological education to degree level while deeply embedded within a local church, continuing to gain practical ministry experience and having this shape and inform their study.
  • Edinburgh Theological Seminary and Faith Mission offer accessible degree-level training in the local area, offering study over a number of years with a group of like-minded peers in an academic context leading to recognised formal qualifications.
  • There are numerous “distance-learning” options available including missionally-oriented courses such as Porterbrook, free courses such as ThirdMil, and courses offered by many global seminaries.